We are hiring.


Position: Kitchenhand

Casual | Saturdays and Sundays | Immediate start

Applications close: when we find the right person!


A bit about us

We’re a team of three; pashing pair Lincoln Donaldson and Amanda Gonzalez (me), and Rosebud. Lincoln heads the coffee side of the business, I lead the food, and Rosebud is our wingman.

The thing is, the business is growing quickly and our hands can’t keep up with the pace. Which is why we need a lend of yours.


A bit about The Brooklyn Tuckshop

There’s not much to The Brooklyn Tuckshop, really. Not because we haven’t put much thought into it – quite the contrary – but because we want our food and drink to speak for itself. We use the least refined of everything (clutch your pearls, we don’t serve skim milk), and we’d prefer to prepare a shorter menu to the highest of standards rather than an extensive menu that’s, frankly, ordinary at best.

We make as much as we can with our hands (think ice cream, ricotta, jam and sausage rolls), and what we can’t make with our own, we have others make with theirs (think chutneys and chocolate).

This also means that we’re not about convenience, or speed, or shortcuts. If we’re not everyone’s cup of tea, we know we’re on the right track.


A bit about the job

You’ll be one of four, so your duties are integral to the success of our little business. In terms of actual duties, we’re looking for someone to fully manage our dishes. This includes:

  • Managing what’s clean and dirty, making sure clean dishes are always available
  • Stacking and emptying the dishwasher
  • Washing fragile items by hand
  • Clearing and wiping down tables
  • Managing the washing up consumables
  • Helping Rosebud with the pass when required

Based on your performance and your interest, there will always be room to move into other areas of the business. For instance, if you're a keen barista but have zero experience, apply! Use us as your foot in the door.


What we’re looking for in a person

The duties outlined above are the easy bit, really. What we’re mainly focused on is your work ethic and attitude. We’re looking for someone who:

  • is a good time manager – if you can see that Lincoln is about to make eight coffees, but he’s running low on cups, then you get on to it without him having to ask
  • enjoys meeting all sorts of people – even the grumpy ones
  • takes pride and responsibility in each and every task – if you’re wiping down a table, then make sure you wipe it down to the best of your ability
  • genuinely enjoys learning – always looking to improve, both themselves and their role
  • has our back - as we'll have yours. We are all here to help each other to the best we can


What we’re NOT looking for

Someone who’s afraid of making mistakes.

No, you won’t lose your job if you stuff up accidentally. If you don’t make mistakes, it means you’re not trying hard enough. We’ll be right alongside you, failing forward together.

Someone who rocks up, ticks the boxes, and goes home.

Remember, it’ll be the four of us. We really do need to work together to grow this little business. This means that we all need to be thinking of better ways to do things. Some of your ideas will be crap, others will be brilliant. Don’t be afraid to think aloud. We don't judge.

Someone who can’t commit to Saturdays and Sundays every week.

We know working weekends can be a bit annoying sometimes – which is why this job won’t be suitable for everyone. If these days don’t work for you, please don’t apply.



We’d prefer if you had some hospitality experience, but we’re willing to overlook this if you’re a great fit. The only mandatory requirement is that you’re able to work legally in Australia.



Award, plus increases based on performance.



Loads of coffee and lunch during your shift. Cake. Taste testing. Coffee testing some of the best coffee in the world. Watching Rosebud and me dance. You're welcome.


How to apply

Applications to be emailed to amanda@thebrooklyntuckshop.com.au as a PDF or Word document (or you can also slip a printed version under our door). Please include:

  1. Why you think you're a good fit
  2. A one (A4) page summary of your employment history
  3. Contact details for two referees (one professional [if available] and one personal)

Applications close when we find the right person!



Just ask. You need to suss us out as much as we do you. Either phone us on 0420970867 or drop in to the shop.