My body hurts. My brain hurts. And boy do my feet hurt. But it feels good to be physically working on the shop each day, along with educating myself on making good espresso and how not to poison my customers with mayo.

POSTER pop art beef cheek

Both Lincoln and I recently became Food Safety Supervisors, meaning that we’re trained in the safe handling of food and appropriate hygiene for a food business. While lots of safe handling and hygiene is stuff we do every day at home, it’s a big responsibility to serve food to others – particularly those with vulnerabilities. Even washing your hands, something seemingly simple and something we do many times per day, has its correct technique. And let’s just say mayo has the potential to kill. I think I’ll stay away from it for the time being!

We’ve had loads of deliveries. Plates and bowls, toilet paper, paper towels, and bakeware are just the beginning. It feels a bit like Christmas, I must say.

At last, the big appliances have arrived, albeit with a bit of faffing about and a rather poor customer service experience. They’ll be connected by the end of the week, ready for the bench tops to be fitted over the top. Things are really starting to take shape.

And the painting is almost done. I’m busting for it to be finished so I can show you the after pics.

We’re heading down to Melbourne next week to meet up with Andrew Kelly and Aaron Wood from Small Batch, our coffee suppliers. We’re very lucky to be serving their coffee; this, from their website:

"We only work with cafes we know will do justice to Small Batch coffee. At our cafe partners, you won’t just get great coffee. You’ll get a cafe experience that’s out of the ordinary."

We’ll be learning all about how to get the best flavours out of their coffee. We’re all in for a treat.

In the name of research (again), we’ve a few cafes we need to visit. Good thing Melbs is a great city for walking!

Chat soon.


AuthorAmanda Gonzalez