Thanks to a rather gung ho father with a paint brush, I almost didn't get these shots! But before shots are a must, and although the site is an empty shell, there's a bucket-load of things that will change.

First up, the outside. 1 Bridge Street Brooklyn is a lovely heritage building smack bang in the centre of town. In mostly good condition and boasting a beautiful ornate ceiling, a change in colour scheme (the trim and the awning) will make the old girl shine.

The Brooklyn Tuckshop exterior BEFORE

The inside is purple, and black, and blue. The shame is the previous tenants freshly painted the walls to make good, and now we're painting white straight over the top.

The purple wall is the bathroom, with the black covering the back wall of the shop:

The Brooklyn Tuckshop bathroom wall BEFORE.jpg

There's a cute little window to the left of the bathroom door, which is a wonderful frame for the greenery just outside.

The Brooklyn Tuckshop small window BEFORE.jpg

Swivel a little to the left and you find yourself staring out a large window with gorgeous lead lights along the top. You also see the very cute entrance and the (unfortunately cracked) glass over the doorway.

The Brookyn Tuckshop inside wall Brooklyn Road BEFORE

This is how the doorway looks from outside (and check out the beautiful ceiling):

The Brooklyn Tuckshop doorway outside BEFORE

Before we duck back inside, glance left. This is where I've asked permission from our local council to put a few stools and tables.

The Brooklyn Tuckshop outside seating BEFORE

Now hopping back inside, and continuing our way 'round, there's another big window looking out to the pub across the road. The tables that will go here will be reserved for the Mrs Mangles of the world.

You'll note the 2CH culprit in the corner, circa 1980s. My father can't work without the thing.

The Brooklyn Tuckshop inside wall post office BEFORE

And here we are, back in the corner behind the toilet:

The Brooklyn Tuckshop back corner BEFORE

The walls are riddled with little holes and hooks. It's a bugger of a job to fix — being so fiddly — but because we're painting the walls white, the holes will stand out if left. 

The Brooklyn Tuckshop holes in the wall

So there you have it! Grand tour of the before completed. I can't wait to share with you the progress shots.

Chat soon.


AuthorAmanda Gonzalez