I have no hospitality experience. Unless you count the time I lasted one day as a waitress in a hotel in Spain, or the time a few weeks back I helped in the tuckshop at the school athletics carnival.

So I'm using the time it takes for the DA to go through to immerse myself in learning the ropes. I'll be completing an intense cafe management course, and I'll continue with the loads of reading and talking to cafe owners that I'm doing now.

Let me tell you, I've sorted through bucket-loads of articles and posts online. Like any topic, the quality of content has varied. Wildly. From 'don't use thermal paper in your fax machine' to 'don't allow your staff to drink your carbonated drinks because the drink will go warm and flat and be wasted', all the managers you hope never to work for are there.

One video, however, struck me. So much so, that I had to share it with you. I like to think you can run a cafe/kitchen without the need for shouting and distrust and cynicism (and 'wasted' carbonated drinks), and this video shows just that.

The people in this video are seasoned, so it's reassuring to know that they, too, were beginners once! This is very cute.

Being humble is a far more attractive trait than arrogance, don't you think?

Chat soon.


AuthorAmanda Gonzalez