So. Many. Lists.

And so many unknowns! I already feel daunted, and we're only at the start of this next chapter in our lives. But, d'you know what? I'm OK with it. Because if it wasn't for the fear, and the butterflies, and the little bit of crazy we all have in us, we'd never try anything new.

Sourdough and toasties and cake OH MY

What's The Brooklyn Tuckshop?

A little village cafe/bakery serving organic sourdough, mighty fine toasties (or 'jaffles', for you fancy types) and even better specialty coffee.

Brooklyn is a small river village about 20 minutes north of Hornsby, Sydney. You know when you get on the freeway to drive to Gosford or Newcastle, and after about 15, you drive down a big hill and are welcomed by the sight of a beautiful river? That's where we are.

We're smack bang in the centre of town. Which is the best place for us, really. We want people to use us. To meet the kids after school. To stitch and bitch over coffee. To skulk in for a beef cheek toastie after a big night out.

And for the city folk to escape the big smoke for the day.

What's happened so far?

Well, it's been a rather anxious fortnight. With two other applicants keen on the site (and both with experience), I was certain we wouldn't get the shop. I could hardly focus on anything else, despite having stern words with myself about not getting my hopes up so I wouldn't be crushed with disappointment.

It's a good thing that our detailed business plan got us over the line, since I wasn't overly successful at taking my own advice.

We've set up bank accounts (CBA, because of its excellent merchant service), POS software (Vend), accounting software (Xero) and all of the social media bits and pieces. Oh, and this Squarespace website, of course.

We're finalising our coffee and bread suppliers (just wait until you try them), and we're hunting for milk and butter suppliers.

We're also finalising the fit-out design (this bit I am rather enjoying!) and Lincoln is narrowing down the specialty coffee equipment.

What happens next?

We're working through the Lessor's Disclosure Statement (a document which outlines who pays for what, what's included in the lease, etc), and once we've signed it, we can lodge our Development Application (DA) with Hornsby Shire Council. Even though we're not doing any demolition, construction or alterations, we need to lodge a DA because the site is a change of a commercial use.

I'm also starting to document workflows and systems. While it might seem premature, having run two businesses in the past, this is the stuff that makes or breaks the business - and your mind.

And in the meantime?

We 'taste test' more toasties. Der.


AuthorAmanda Gonzalez