The Brooklyn Tuckshop is taking a holiday. For a year.

After two years of being the little business that could, we've outgrown our shop. We've so much to do but no room to do it!

But that doesn't mean we're actually going anywhere. We'll still be right here, just in disguise.

Act Casual. Creative workshops for the curious.

From the beginning, we've always wanted to run workshops. To share with you what we know about making food from scratch and drinking beautiful coffee. We want to help everyone be that little bit more self-sufficient, that little bit less wasteful, and that little more generous. But without being able to secure the land for our second cafe, we've had to re-evaluate where we're going.

We'll be running all sorts of creative classes of a weekend, and a bangin' school holiday program for the kids.

Workshops will be catered. Not only does this mean you can still have your Tuckshop favourites, but we'll be introducing new menu items for the reopening of the cafe.

Full deets are on

We're still your gang.

Lincoln, Laura, Jillian and Amanda (and Larna in spirit) xo

Chooks and eggs from out the back. Organic sourdough from up the road. Backyard honey from a few blocks down.

This is how we sausage roll.

Fresh ricotta. Jams and pickles. Ice cream. Cakes. Corned beef. Bacon. Yep, it's all made by hand in our little corner shop. In our even tinier kitchen.

Which is why our menu isn't as long as your arm. And how could it be, if you really do value quality?

Our specialty coffee comes in one size (competition size), our milk is full fat jersey, and our butter? Fermented, churned and kneaded. So this means no large cups or mugs, no skim milk (clutch your pearls!) and no margarine.

We run out of food. Why?

Because there's only so much we can make with our hands, and we're  not prepared to compromise on quality.

We don't serve 'freshly defrosted' food - and we most certainly don't make food to then throw it away. So if this means you need to get in quick to get your sauso roll and we miss out on the potential of a few extra bucks, then so be it.

We know we're not for everyone. A good thing, really: if we tried to be, we'd please no one. So all we can do is the absolute best we can with the freshest, in season ingredients we can source. It's bloody hard work, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Lincoln and Amanda

Our favourite haunts

We're often asked where we like to go and eat and drink, so rather than continue scribbling on Post-Its, I've compiled a map of our favourite cafes, restaurants and coffee houses with mini reviews of each.  If you're ever going to a new suburb, have a squiz at the map to see if there's something you might like to try!